Team Members and their Responsibilities:
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Leigh Fisher and Associates

  • Project management
  • Radar data analysis
  • Aircraft noise analysis
  • Airport/airspace analyses
  • Aircraft operational analysis
  • Economic/financial analyses
  • Public involvement
  • Quality control
  • Air Traffic Control Review
  • Noise Abatement Flight Procedures




  • Land Use Planning

  • Airport Engineering
HNTB Corporation    



  • Public Involvement

  • Web Site Design and Maintenance

Mo' Better Marketing




  • Mapping

  • GIS Analysis
Skees Engineering, Inc.    




KM Chng Environmental, Inc.
  • Ground noise analysis

  • Noise monitoring

  • Soot deposition studies





Aviation Navigation and Satellite Programs, LLC
  • New navigation technologies

  • Flight tracking systems

  • Aircraft performance analysis



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